AHA Big Brew Day Recipe: Battre L’oie Saison

AHA Big Brew Day Recipe

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AHA Big Brew Day Recipe: Klang Freudenfest Oktoberfest Lager

AHA Big Brew Day Recipe

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Member Recipe: Dark Heart Stout

An Imperial Stout Recipe by Robert Moreland

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Making Hard Cider

Cider can be a great alternative to beer and sours and you can make it yourself. Here’s a brief overview of how to make this refreshing beverage –> http://www.iredellbrewersunited.org/home/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Cider-Making-1.pdf

Accelerating Grain to Glass

The time from brew day to that first glass of home-brew can seem like forever. By learning a few tricks of the trade you can dramatically speed up the time it takes to go from “Grain to Glass”. Click here to view a presentation and learn the tricks of the trade —> Accelerating Grain to Glass

Member Recipe: Colony Collapse Vanilla Honey Porter

Member Recipe by Daniel Schrock

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Belgian Beer Styles

During December 2015 club meeting Thomas Creighton, IBUer, Brewer, Head Janitor and HR Manager at High Branch Brewing Company in Concord, NC gave a brief overview of Belgian Strong and Trappist Ales. View the full presentation here–>Belgian Beer Presentation

Belgian Beer.002

Yeast Presentation by D9 Brewing Microbiologist Jaenette Davey

D9 Brewing Company’s microbiologist Jaenette Davey leads a discussion on the basics of the usage and care of yeast in the beer brewing process. Click here to view the presentation –> Yeast in Brewing


Caffeine Beer Challenge

The registration for the Caffeine Beer Competition is live. Go to http://beerscores.com/comp_details.aspx?id=103 and register. This is a free competition to paid IBU members and the turn in date is Nov 9th. All BJCP styles are welcomed, but please make sure you feature the coffee or tea in your style. Our special guests from September’s meeting, Jason from Free Range Brewing and Matt from Pure Intentions Coffee, will be helping judge. Rest assured, they will be looking for the way coffee or tea are highlighted in your entry.

2015 BJCP Guideline Updates

In 2015 the BJCP updated its style guidelines for the first time since 2008. The IBU Education Committee put together a brief overview of the key changes to the guidelines with links to references to help club members understand the changes. Download a copy of the document here –> 2015 BJCP Guideline Updates

2015 BJCP Guideline Updates.001

2015 BJCP Guideline Updates.002