2015 BJCP Guideline Updates

In 2015 the BJCP updated its style guidelines for the first time since 2008. The IBU Education Committee put together a brief overview of the key changes to the guidelines with links to references to help club members understand the changes. Download a copy of the document here –> 2015 BJCP Guideline Updates

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Beer Recipe Design

Brewing your own beer means so much more when you design your own recipes and make your brew unique. In this education topic we present the 5 key things you should consider when designing a new recipe. Learn more about beer recipe design by clicking this link> Beer Recipe Design #brewstrong

Beer Recipe Design.001

Beer Recipe Design.002

Brewing With Adjuncts

If you are gonna defile the Reinheitsgebot then you might as well do it right. This presentation explains the things you need to know when brewing a beer that has ingredients other than water, barley,  and yeast.  Learn more about brewing with adjuncts by clicking this link> Brewing Adjuncts. #brewstrong

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Malted Barley

Malted barley is the dried cereal grain used as the primary source of fermentable sugar and flavor in beer. There are a lot of other things like yeast, candi sugar, herbs, and spices that can impart fermentable sugars and flavor in beer but malted barley is common to all beer styled. Learn more by clicking here> Malted Barley Overview


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