Event/Competition Participation Log

Use the form to log your Competition entries and brew sessions hosted.  Points will be awarded based on the type of event.  The member with the most points at the end of the year becomes the IBU Brewer of the Year!

1 point – Attending IBU monthly meeting
1 point – Sharing Homebrew at monthly meeting
1 point – Contributions to IBU website (news articles, pictures, recipes, etc)
1 point – Second place Brewer of the Month
2 points – Winning Brewer of the Month
2 points – Brewing at club-hosted ‘Brew Day’
5 points – Hosting a brew session at your home (min. 4 IBU Members)
5 points – Hosting a class, workshop or style tasting session at your home (min. 4 IBU Members)

IBU Quarterly Club-Only Competition
2 points – Each beer entered in IBU club-only competition
5 points – Winning IBU club-only competition

1 point – Festival volunteer (Hickory Hops, Charlotte Oktoberfest, etc) [serving homebrew does not count]
1 point – Non-member spouse volunteer (point awarded to member)2 points – Each keg donated for festivals (NCBMF, Oktoberfest, etc)

Other Competitions (CBoY, ProAms, etc)
2 points – Each beer entered
2 points – Judging competition
3 points – 3rd Place ribbon
4 points – 2nd Place ribbon
5 points – 1st Place ribbon
5 points – Best of Show
4 points – 2nd Best of Show
3 points – 3rd Best of Show